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MORPH: Morphing will increase the wetness of both the reverb and delays. KEMPER PROFILER Stage is a multi-effects powerhouse and state-of-the-art guitar amplifier, featuring KEMPER’s unique PROFILING technology for capturing the sonic DNA of any guitar amp. Welcome to the KEMPER PROFILERTMMain Manual. First impressions: Seems complicated and is a new user paradigm, but that&39;s ok - I have printed out all the manuals and will fully read prior to to seriously digging in to the unit. Move the pedal to toe position. Whith morphing it was possible to reduce it to one Performance. " OK I understand easy enough but then it reads. the previous paragraph) is already primed to control Morphing as well.

Every profile and performance also includes morphing – morphing will increase the amount of ambience. As an „Amuse Gueule“ from the lab, PROFILER OS 8. KEMPER PROFILER Stage™ is no mere accessory — it is a complete PROFILER. If you have just purchased your Kemper profiler, are confus. Kemper sees the current pre-release/ beta phase of the Kemper Drive as a typical work in progress which will evolve and be enhanced further with and from the input from the players. Out of the kemper morphing manual box, the Kemper comes with tons of factory rigs, some of which are great and others not too bad. The content of this manual is furnished for informational use only, is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by Kemper GmbH.

This Main Manual starts with a description of Rigs and their signal chain followed by all front panel controls and connections on the back panel. not meant to be overly serious (this is actually the 2nd try. First, move the pedal to heel position. We prefer to use ‘Drive 1’ as our base tone and play lighter (or roll back the volume) for clean sounds.

0 Beta Before you rush off to download this thing – even if you have been anxiously waiting for this feature for years – be aware that installing any beta version may cause errors. The power that the Kemper will deliver is dependent on the cab impedance. It also allows you to preview and manage your collection of PROFILER™ Rigs and Performances. Let’s continue the swim through the red zone.

An all purpose Kemper Performance using profiles from the Tone Junkie Plexi SL pack (profile of a Marshall Plexi). All the profiles and performances included in this pack have button assignments for both the Kemper Stage and Kemper Remote built in. And you won&39;t use the power unless your profile requires it at the volume you are playing at. Kemper “Profiler Floor” seen in the wild The image shows Jakob holding what we presume is the new Kemper Profiler Floor (or whatever it’s going to be called). Kemper PROFILER Remote kemper morphing manual Pdf User Manuals.

Effects Pedal Reverb, 3 Selectable reverb types, Mod, Voice and Tone Sections, Adjustable Shimmer, Glimmer, Morph & Pre- or Post-drive functions, Adjustable Reverb Core size, Independent Reverb and Dry Level controls, 8-Step sequencer for rhythmic pitch fluctuations of the. We left the ‘Clean-ish’ slot pretty clean. At first I did all recording and reamping via the analog channels, but I eventually changed over to SPDIF to and from the Kemper and I like it better. A multi-effects powerhouse and state-of-the-art guitar amplifier (NOTE: no power amp included), featuring KEMPER’s unique PROFILING™ technology for capturing the sonic DNA of any guitar amp. Turn the GAIN knob to select the intended level for your Base Sound. Rather than taki.

In my first attempt at a Helix/Kemper patch I&39;m controlling morphing and a stomp on the Kemper. KEMPER STAGE AND REMOTE FUNCTIONALITY BUILT IN. The product was very well packed. The question here is if the Kemper offers noticeable amp tone improvements (in addition to the obviously much wider selection of amp models on tap). Designed to be used with the Kemper Remote or Kemper Stage, this performance includes multiple drive, delay, reverb, and modulation options. Kemper GmbH assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this book. The bred and butter rigs are in one performance for each formation. The reverb morph adds more shimmer, and the delays increase in both level and feedback.

I intend to run the Kemper in stereo through 2 x Denon DJ Axis 12&39;s (amazing powered co-ax speakers) or into 2 2x12 cabs or 1 1x12 cab, using the Kemper&39;s power amp. This is the second video where I go through and demo these effects, so it just continues from the first part which included the Green Scream (Tube Screamer), Plus DS (MXR Distortion+), One DS (BOSS DS-1), Muffin (EHX Big Muff) and Mouse (ProCo RAT). Turn the GAIN knob and select the intended level for your Morph Sound.

Ps you can copy not just in a given song, but from one song to another. I&39;m using MIDI to control my Kemper from my Helix. And: Kemper does not stop here. These are low prod.

We&39;ve had numerous requests for a Kemper for dummies video, so here is an overlook at the basics. Morphing is a useful kemper morphing manual feature of the Kemper Profiler that combines two rig settings in a single preset. 0, sweeping the base value from < 1.

Some performances are special for certain songs I could also play with the standard perfomance. In this latest video tutorial, we run through a more or less complete tutorial on morphing with the Kemper profiler including:. 0 and morph is 4. Now, your Morph Pedal changes the gain continuously between. One of the Stage’s strongest creative features is its ability to simultaneously change more than one parameter, something Kemper calls “morphing”: for example, sweeping from a high-gain lead sound with a longish hall reverb, delay and pitch shift to a clean rhythm sound with rotary speaker and a tight room reverb. Title: Microsoft Word - UnOforKemper_manual_1_4.

This is a little tone experiment. I use the midi out to control the Kemper’s stomps, effects, morphing, performance modes via Ableton Live. which is the distortion effects color in the Kemper Profiling Amp. If you still have questions after reading the FAQ above and the manual, please visit one of the FCB1010 user groups. doc Author: Xavier Created Date: 10:07:17 AM. It was taken at a rehearsal room during load in for a show at North Sea Deichbrand Festival.

A multi-effects powerhouse and state-of-the-art guitar amplifier, featuring KEMPER&39;s unique PROFILINGT technology for capturing the sonic DNA of any guitar amp. After all the frantic build-up over the weekend, here it is: The Kemper Profliler Stage has now officially been announced. KEMPER™, PROFILER™, PROFILE™, PROFILING™, PROFILER PowerHead™, PROFILER PowerRack™, PROFILER Remote™, PROFILER Stage™, KEMPER Kabinet™, KEMPER Kone™, KEMPER Rig Exchange™, KEMPER Rig Manager™, Pure Cabinet™ and CabDriver. It also comes preloaded with a PROFILE pool of hundreds of the best guitar amps in the world, created under perfect conditions in professional studios worldwide.

This is subjective to each one&39;s ears. Kemper Amps The information provided on this site is subject to change without notice. Very powerful tool!

Manual: " You can erase Morphing of any parameter by turning the morphed value back to the base value. Thanks to the good cooperation with the Kemper R&D team, we were able to implement optimal interoperability between FCB1010 and Profiler through this dedicated firmware chip. Demo by Have Guitar. In this video I run through a more or less complete tutorial on morphing with the Kemper profiler including:What is Morphing? Setting up Morphing with the Kemper.

You&39;ll need to refer to the Kemper MIDI manual to find the MIDI commands to send from the Helix in order to accomplish what you wish to on the Kemper. Kemper Rig Manager 3. It’s a multi-effect guitar amp that packs the whole Profiler system into a floorboard unit, including the company’s profiling technology, adding a foot controller package for live use. KEMPER Rig Manager™ is an editor and librarian application for macOS and Windows. Kemper Amps The information provided on this site is subject to change without notice. 0 will clear the morph entirely). 0 also includes an OCD-inspired Distortion. The Kemper is rated at 600W @ 8 ohms and 300W @ 16 ohms.

But now Kemper users are about kemper to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated editor, too: Kemper Rig Manager 3. the first one wasn&39;t very successful). An all purpose Kemper Performance using profiles from the &39;68 Purple Plexi pack (profile of a vinage Marshall Purple Plexi) by Tone Junkie. I’m sure other DAWs can send the midi CCs to do this as well.

We assume that you have already read the PROFILER and Remote Quick Starts. Thomann took one week to deliver the Kemper (along with 6 other products) from Germany to Qatar, which is pretty fast for an international order. Morph settings are saved per rig. A big thanks to Michael Wolter and Peter Reinhardt for spontaneously offering us a German translation of the UnO+UnO2 and UnO4Kemper user manuals respectively. But as I have the Kemper I use it for my fun.

How to copy a rig into a slot on a Kemper Amp. Even today the UnO4Kemper equipped FCB1010 remains an extremely cost effective remote control solution, which still gets full support of the Kemper team. "• A safer way to erase a Morphing is to first activate the Base Sound, and then sweep the base value of any parameter past the morphed value. You can tag content with keywords, assemble Performances by drag and drop and fine-tune your Rigs while your Profiler is not in front of you.

Kemper can&39;t produce the same drive tones on it&39;s own, doesn&39;t have the same overdrive models in it but I&39;m sure it could kemper morphing manual approximate the video tones on it&39;s own. A multi-effects powerhouse and state-of-the-art guitar amplifier (NOTE: no power amp included), featuring KEMPER’s unique PROFILING™ technology for capturing the sonic DNA of any guitar amp. Here, I give you 3 tips on how to improve your tone with your Kemper. In general you need a lot more power for neutral amplification of a profile than the amp making the profile in many cases. View online or download Kemper PROFILER Remote Main Manual, Quick Start Manual. After some simple setup, you can gradually blend (or morph) between tones using a switch or expression pedal. To erase a morph for a given parameter, either reset the morph value to match the base value, or sweep the base value through the range of the morph value (if base is 1. It was easy to set up and it works well.

KEMPER PROFILER StageT is no mere accessory - it is a complete PROFILER. The Clarity, Direct Mix & Pure Cabinet settings are very powerful and if used properly,. This rigs I have doubled with small tweaking for another guitar.

Kemper morphing manual

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